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Constitution of the Arcanic Conclave
Constitution of the
Arcanic Conclave

Article I - Structure
The Arcanic Conclave shall be a monthly meeting of the invited heads, or their representatives, of the various magical factions, organizations, and bodies of the Alliance. It shall be a body to both discuss issues relating to magic, and to serve as a forum for cooperation and producing non-binding resolutions.

Members of the various respective magical organizations whose representative attends the Conclave may attend as well, but may not vote.

The members of the Conclave shall be equal in standing, and shall have one vote each.

Unaligned magi may elect one (1) representative, who shall have one vote.

The Conclave shall be moderated by a Speaker, who shall be the Chancellor of the Magus Senate, or his designee, but shall have no other authority than to host the Conclave and moderate the discussion.

There shall be a Deputy Speaker, to be elected by the Conclave every three months.

The Agenda for the Conclave shall be set prior to the meeting, followed by open business.

The Conclave shall meet once a month on the second Saturday of the month, or as otherwise decided by the Conclave.

Article II - Agenda
Each member of the Conclave may submit a matter for discussion prior to the meeting to the Speaker, who shall add it to the agenda.

All members of the Conclave may raise any issue at the end during open business, provided there is time.

Matters raised should have a rational nexus to magic.

Article III - Procedure
The Conclave shall begin with remarks by the Speaker, who shall then recognize members of the Conclave to speak in accordance with the agenda.

The Speaker may end discussion on any matter for time.

All matters put to vote shall first be motioned by a member, and seconded by another, to be considered.

The Speaker, or a simple majority vote of the Conclave, may censure any member for speaking out of turn or otherwise causing a disturbance.

Article IV - Membership
Membership in the Conclave shall be by invitation.

Organizations that qualify for membership must be regularly constituted.

Magi who do not belong to magical organizations may be invited, but will only be granted non-voting observer status.

Article V - Resolutions
Any member may bring a matter to vote, resulting in a non-binding resolution, requiring a simple majority vote.

Members of the Conclave may enter into binding resolutions among themselves, but doing so shall not bind non-Parties to those resolutions.

Resolutions may only relate to matters of magic, and shall not overrule the law of each member’s respective State.
Where there is such a conflict, such member shall be excused from the Resolution.

Article VI - Magical Cooperation
All members of the Conclave shall promote magical information sharing between members of the Conclave.

Article VII - Secrecy
All members of the Conclave are forbidden from revealing membership details, discussions, decisions, and votes to those individuals who are not members of the Conclave.

A violation of Secrecy shall be cause for trial and dismissal from the Conclave.